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  • Crank up your kit the way the Pros do, with our Custom Kick Drum Covers! We've printed drum covers for artists like Kiss, Dick Dale, Five Finger Death Punch, Korn, Madonna, Rihanna , Justin Timberlake, Colt Ford, Flo Rida, Eminem, Saliva, Suicidal Tendencies, Queensryche Joey Jordison, Coy Taylor and so many more. Let's add your name to our roster of bands sporting one of Ace High Printing's custom Kick Drum Covers! Click here to view the pricing chart >
  • Whether you need band merch, have a special event or you’re supporting your favorite political figure, our Custom Pin Back Buttons are one of the best ways to get you message out to the people! Click here to view the pricing chart >
  • Stage presence is good, but Cabs with your band's artwork on them are even better! Stand out and make an impression with our full color Guitar & Bass Cab Scrims! Click here to view the pricing chart >
  • Bring your stage show to a whole new level with our full color printed Side Stage & Backdrop Scrims! These scrims are perfect for placing on each side of the stage to show off your logo, custom art or new album art, Since they're made of mesh, these Scrims also make incredible backdrops for outdoor stages! Click here to view the pricing chart >


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